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2Funny4 - 17.10.2007

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Alles was schön ist (Erblast Revenge Mix) x

Alles, was schön ist, kann man nicht fesseln
Die Jugend zählt im Recht recht wenig
Was übrig bleibt, sind zarte Jahre

Als die Welt noch unentdeckt
Das Denken unbeschwert
Die Phantasie noch unbefleckt
Nicht alles von Verstand beschwert
Jeder Tag ein Schritt auf Neuland war
Gefühle frei und wechselhaft
Durch die Eroberung von fremder Haut
Dir deine Unschuld stahl

Alles was schön ist

Nur ein einziges Mal liebt man mit Haut und Haar, alles andere nur seichte Schatten, nie tief genug um zu ertrinken

© 1997 Erblast

Libanese In Zschkopau x

Deyr Serbo Growadishe Ex'eal-Leeba n'aysay
Türkisher 'Upshtummung mit
Gl'owbenz I'nsht'ellung oond
Cut'olish-Prohtest'untishem Bek'enntniss
Bym Ch'eshish-Chech'enish-
Froynchafts shah shpeel
Meshde sish bid a umm info shtunt
By Nietzsche in Zshk'opow m'eldan

Always On My Mind x
Maybe I didn't treat you
Quite as good as I should
Maybe I didn't love you
Quite as often as I could
Little things I should've said and done
(I never took the time)

(You were always on my mind)
You were always on my mind

Maybe I didn't hold you
All those lonely, lonely times
And I guess I never told you
I'm so happy that you're mine
If I made you feel second best
I'm so sorry, I was blind

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasn't died
Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied

© 1987 Pet Shop Boys

In Denial x
Father (Slothrop):
In denial, no
My life's a trial
I'm not denying
That every little bit hurts
It's a problem
That I'm not solving
Don't mind admitting
I feel like quitting this job
For a while, getting away
Before it gets any worse today

Daughter (Anna):
You're in denial
And that is final
You're not admitting
You should be quitting
All these queens and fairies
And muscle Marys
The rough trade boyfriend
Who in his pathetic own way
Denies he's gay
Why can't he see
This is a fantasy world
Think I'm going mad
How d'you know if you're going mad?

Look at me I'm lonely

Look at me I'm sad
I'm not denying
I could be trying
A little harder
To deal with some of this stuff

Know what I'm thinking?
Less drugs and drinking
No cigarettes and you'll feel
A little less rough
Is that enough?
My life is absurd
I'm living it upside down
Like a vampire, working at night,
sleeping all day
A dad with a girl who knows he's gay

Can you love me anyway?

© 1999 Pet Shop Boys

Home And Dry x
So my baby's on the road
Doing business, selling loads
Charming everyone there
With the sweetest smile

Oh tonight I miss you
Oh tonight I wish you
Could be here with me
But I won't see you
'Til you've made it back again
Home and dry
Home and dry-e-i-e-i

There's a plane at JFK
To fly you back from far away
All those dark and frantic
Transatlantic miles

Oh tonight I miss you
Oh tonight I wish you
Could be here with me
But I won't see you
'Til you've made it back again
Home and dry
Home and dry-e-i-e-i
Home and dry
Home and dry-e-i-e-i

Far away
Through night and day
You fly long haul tonight
Come to me
You know I'll be here
When you call tonight

Oh tonight I miss you
Oh tonight I wish you
Could be here with me
But I won't see you
'Til you've made it back again
Home and dry
(We're going home)
Home and dry-e-i-e-i
Home and dry
(We're going home)
Home and dry-e-i-e-i

Your baby waits, tonight

© 2002 Pet Shop Boys

Das Album "I[11]usion" ist in einer Auflage von
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    (Auflage: 4 Stück)
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01. You Are Being Watched
02. Back Chat [LISTEN]
03. Forty-Eight [LISTEN]
04. I Am Not The Doctor
05. Neverending Story
06. KDX 125 [LISTEN]
07. Sober [LISTEN]
08. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
09. Illusion
10. The Tragic Tale [LISTEN]
11. All Of The Above

ABCD (Alternatives/B-Sides/Crap Disc)
01. Sternentanz (Demo Version)
02. Sternentanz (Original Version)
03. Mental Cohesion (Extended Edit)
04. Heaven 155
05. Some Peoples World
06. Requiem For Gallifrey
07. Nomnomnom
08. August Fridolin
09. August Fridolin (Dance Mix)
10. Wedding-Rap
11. Sternentanz (Wuäh Rotzmix)

Tracks 2-11 & ABCD 6 Based On MIDI Files, Track 1 contains samples from POI, 2 Queen, 3 Tool, 4 Doctor Who, 5 Limahl, 6 PSB, 7 Tool, 8 Elton John, 9 VNV Nation, 10 Nightwish, 11 Transatlantic - Cover Trapped, Makellos, POI - Tracks 1-11 & ABCD 6-9 Re-Mixed & Re-Arranged By LJ Slothrop, ABCD 1-5, 10-11 By LJ Northtrop - www.2Funny4.de - Thx 2 Bus-T, Yumi, Noon & The Penguins, SBA, Dimkopf, Neal, Koyuki, Neko, Robin And 2 All Listeners - "I[11]usion" TM, (R) & (C) LJ Slothrop, All Rights Reserved. "I[11]usion" Is a 2Funny4 Production